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Favorite band: Harvey Danger.
Favorite color: dark blue.
Favorite movie: Star Wars, all of them. Yes, that includes 1-3.
Favorite book: East of Eden.

...I can never think of anything interesting enough to put in my profile to make people want to add me. Describing likes and dislikes, saying what I do or my opinions, it just feels weird. But I really like people who have long and descriptive profiles.

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The other day I told Kellie that I wasn't really interested in going to school.  Because, I'm not!  I will because of the deal my dad and I made, but it's not like I am all omgzzyaylearning!  And Kellie told Susan I didn't want to go (not what I said) and Susan blew up and told dad and he got super pissed.  Ugh I hate when they play the you will fucking do as you are told card.  ESPECIALLY WHEN I AM FUCKING DO WHAT THEY SAID ANYWAY.  Jesus.

Point: don't tell Kellie anything you want to keep secret.

Funny thing is I am gonna go to school and start kicking ass because learning comes easy to me and then I'll be getting good grades when she's busy withdrawing from classes she doesn't like.

I want to go somewhere.  I need friends who I won't make out with.


I don't like the idea of aborting fetuses.  I actually really love kids.  The main reason that I think abortion shuld be legal is because in the case of dangerous pregnancies or rape, the woman should have the choice to get that mothereffer TFO.  And I do not believe at all that there should be any special allowances just for women who are raped to have abortions.  That is saying that the life of that fetus is less important than the life of one that was conceived consensually (whether intended or not), and that is taking rights away from women who aren't raped, so I believe that they should all be able to choose.  You can't give rightsto some women and not to others, and fetuses do not need to worry about their rights until they are born (or really, until that time when they start hearing the mom's voice and kicking and all that...then it's some kind of cruel).

I just woke up feeling like explaining that today.